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February 23, 2013
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TGB - [Green - Fire] Asher by Timebleeder TGB - [Green - Fire] Asher by Timebleeder




    1)   Finished updating his information (7/11/13)

    2)     Frost updated his application art to show that he is now an adolescent. Updated his personality, history and tweaked a few other things.

    3)   Updated his age.

    4) {1/5/13} Updated age, application art, history and added personality trait – my baby is all grown up ;~;


B A S I C  -  I N F O R M A T I O N




Asher (ASH er) (Hebrew; Fortunate, blessed, happy)


Former kit name (and the name he gives to strangers/cats he is unfamiliar with) is Owl.


Known nickname(s) are/is Ash.









21 moons old or 1 season-cycle and 9 moons.


Born in winter.




Resides in Fire-Tribe

Born in Air-Tribe










Breed |  Russian Blue (25%) x Domestic Short Hair (50%) x Himalayan (25%)



Build | Stocky, long-legged, leaner than he appears.


Fur | Medium length, fluffy/thick (at his tail, cheeks, ‘elbows’, neck and chest).


Fur Color |  Light grey (flanks, half of his face, some of his legs), darker grey (back, front left leg, tabby stripes), white (some of his face, chest, some of his underbelly, some of his paws, ear tips, tail tip), black (half of his face, markings on his legs, paws)


Eye color | Ocean blue.

Accessories |

String necklace with two feathers (one from a gyrfalcon and the other from a raven) with a bone in the middle. Given to him by his mother the night of his apprenticeship ceremony.

In the memory of Tzuari Asher had a tail-ring crafted, one that closely resembles hers though there are a few differences. For example, his bracelet is silver with a thick ring of gold in the middle and the gems in his bracelet are the same color as his eyes, instead of being purple.

Sharpened boar tusk eyebrow piercing dipped in gold on each end.

Scars |

Scar on his left cheek. Gained from a caiman encounter with Kintsu.

Thick scar across his chest, gained from an encounter with a fireboar while he was with Arcis.

Three scars across the back of his neck, from a caiman encounter with Arcis.

Other notable features |

In the memory of a certain Green-Air, Asher has started to grow a small fur-stash.





Mother is Aza | Orange-Air | Alive, resides in Air Tribe


Father is  Conan | Green-Earth | Alive, resides in Earth Tribe

Brother is Sohcah | Green-Earth | Alive, resides in Earth Tribe

Half-brother is Idek | Blue-Shadow | Alive, resides in Light Tribe

Sister is Aeverie | Orange-Air | Alive, resides in Air Tribe

Mate is 
Arcis | Orange-Fire | Alive, resides in Fire Tribe


O T H E R- R E L A T I O S H I P S

Best Friend is Arcis 

Soulbond is none

Heart Chart pending.




Past mentor | Cyrus

Current mentor |  N/A

Current apprentice | Niach

Past apprentice(s) | None

Specializes in | Hunting, agility, battle skills.





Started with | 0 skills


Earned | 11 skills


Total | 11 skills


Block The Pebble | You manage to block a pebble that attempts to hit you.


Running Over Lava|  You can shield your four paws so you can run over even the hottest substances!


Small Shield | Radius: 1 m^3 


Anti Fireball  | Your shield can even take on fireballs!


Medium Shield  | radius: 1.5m^3


Big Shield | radius: 2m^3


Shielding | radius: 2.5m^3


Throwing Shields | You can use your shield to shield somebody else or an object that is standing.


Guiding Protection | Your shield can now shield moving objects or persons!


Smoke Screen | You can use smoke in a variety of ways, one of them as a screen to get the hell out and another one to blind or irritate your opponent. If you breathe in too much yourself however it can have consequences.


Porcupine | You form the shield around you very spiky and you can protect yourself like a porcupine.


Morningstar | Using a variation of the porcupine skill, you use it only on your tail and can hit your enemies with it to injure them.


Area of Effect | You can protect an area the size of your camp and other secondary users can help with it, as it drains a lot of energy to keep it up. Every dent against the shield is like a hit to you.



  P E R S O N A L I T Y


{Distant | Relaxed | Charming | Self-confident | Thoughtful | Intelligent + Logical | Hesitant + Confused}



( - ) Distant | An adaptation of his former trait of being reserved, Asher has now ventured into the realm of being emotionally distant. Simply put this adolescent isn’t one to sit and talk about his feelings with just anyone. In fact unless you’re a very close friend or his family the chances of him delving any information about his emotional state or thoughts is slim to none. This isn’t because Asher feels that he has something to hide merely that … he simply doesn’t feel that others need to know. He will display some level of emotion but unless you’ve known him for a fair amount of time he will often appear neutral or uninterested.


( = ) Relaxed | No longer is Asher so deadest on thing being just right. He still has high standards for himself but they aren’t as unattainable as they once were. If something isn’t absolutely perfect that’s all right, just as long as it is acceptable and efficient by his standards.


( = ) Charming| Ah, yes. With the influence of new hormones and the fact that his father is a rather charming tom, this trait and its sudden appearance makes sense. This is not to be confused with being flirtatious because Asher isn’t. In fact the tomcat is seemingly unaware he even possesses this trait. He has a way with words that just reaches into your heart and tugs and while some may see this trait as malicious it’s really nothing more than the tomcat being honest.


( + )Self-confident | Perhaps the biggest change in Asher is that he now possess self-confidence, something he severely lacked as an apprentice. This trait likely would not have pronounced itself if not for the assistance of the former Silver-Fire, Tzurai, her son, the now Grey-Air Warrun and the Green-Earth Kokkinos. Each of these cats helped to form and solidify Asher’s nonexistent self-confidence until he was able to walk with his head held high. This is not to be confused with cockiness, as Asher is most definitely not cocky. He’s merely comfortable in his own fur now and is able to act without doubting himself and his abilities.


( = ) Thoughtful | Asher has always been a thoughtful tom but until now it hasn’t been overly pronounced. The tom is prone to sitting in silence, his eyes glazed over as he mulls over who knows what. He enjoys these quiet moments and requires at least one ‘quiet’ moment once a day. If deprived of this the Green-Fire becomes noticeably irritable. 


( + ) Intelligent + Logical | This is something that has remained with Asher from his kit-hood and the adolescent is still very intelligent. He holds a vast capacity for knowledge and has a fantastic memory as a result of this. Asher is extremely tactical and, as a result, he makes a good planner for battles and things of that sort. Asher isn’t incapable of feeling; he merely doesn’t think that decisions based on emotion are intelligent decisions.

( = ) Hesitant + Confused | A trait that has seemingly returned from the Green-Fire’s apprentice days, Asher, while still self-confident, has becomes hesitant and confused about everything regarding most of his relationships, especially those in reference to males. An encounter with a certain Blue-Green-Water has left the Green-Fire questioning his sexuality and as a result Asher has begun to question his relationships with all males unrelated to him. He is now more likely to shy away from other toms if they approach him in a flirtatious way, though if caught in a mood Asher might also flirt back though this, again, depends on the mood Asher is in.



[The Beginning] [A Destiny In Fire] [Coming Of Age] [War]


[The Beginning]

Owl and his brother and sister were born to Conan of Earth-Tribe and his mate, Aza of Air-Tribe in winter. The kittens grew up in the safety of Air-Tribe, watched over by their mother and, before he passed, their uncle Ross. As they were the only kittens in Air-Tribe at that time the three siblings grew very close to one another. They all ignored the fact that in a few moons they could possibly be separated.

[A Destiny In Fire]

When Owl and his siblings reached six moons of age they were taken to the Light-Tribe camp, where the Ceremony of Light commenced. The trio promised to keep in touch, regardless of where they went. It was here that Owl caught a glimpse of another litter of kittens, the sons and daughters of Ameena and Sylvester.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it was time for the kittens to receive their tattoo’s. Owl watched in excitement as pink, skeletal wings spread across the shoulders of his sister, Curly marking her as an Air-Triber. Owl then turned to his brother, Jet, and watched as the swirly circle of vines covered his shoulder, marking him as an Earth-Triber. Eagerly the young tom glanced at his back and shoulders, frowning when he saw that both were markless.

It was then that Owl learned the Fire Spirit, with the circle-and-flame mark of Fire-Tribe covering his right eye, had claimed him. He was heartbroken and angry by this - his siblings both got to stay with their parents yet he was sent off into a foreign Tribe. No longer would he live with his mother and siblings, nor seem them frequently. He was no longer Owl but Asher and he belonged to Fire-Tribe now. 

[Coming Of Age]

The next six moons of Asher’s life would forever change him, in ways both positive and negative. The arrival of the caimans put a new sense of pressure and duty on the young Blue-Fire’s shoulders and he pushed himself even harder in his training, determined to become a warrior while his tattoo was still blue.

He met several cats within these six months, the most notable being the former Silver-Fire, Tzurai, Warrun the now Grey-Air and Kokkinos, a Green-Earth. Tzurai helped to build Asher’s confidence as well as his hunting abilities and it was with her guidance that Asher finally began to lower the high standards he had set for himself. Unbeknownst to her, or perhaps she was aware, the young Blue-Fire started to look up to her even more than he previously had and felt a special bond with her, almost like she was family to him. When she passed he had a tail-ring made in her honor and while they aren’t the same, Asher feels … safer, in some sense, with it on.

Warrun too became a sort of family member to the Blue-Fire, having helped him with his agility one day while out in the woods. For the first time Asher opened up about his fears, particularly about not becoming as good of a fighter as his father. The Green-Air comforted the distraught apprentice and as a result Asher started to look up to him as well. In fact Asher started to grow a fur-stash, similar to the one that Warrun had.

The threat of the caimans became more pronounced during this time as well, taking the life of both Silvers and several other cats making Asher realize just how deadly these beasts are. As if this wasn’t enough Asher actually encountered one of the beasts with another Tribemate of his, a Blue-Green-Fire named Kintsu. It was during this encounter that Asher received the scar he now has on his left cheek.

As autumn slowly rolled to a close winter took its place and, with this change came another change. No longer was Asher’s tattoo solid blue. Now it was tinged with green, marking him as an adolescent and, even more importantly, a full-fledged warrior. The latter is due to the heavy losses Fire-Tribe suffered, causing the new Silver-Fire to promote Asher and his friend, Arcis, to warriors earlier than normal.


It was not long after Asher became a full-fledged warrior for Fire-Tribe that he also became a mentor, to none other than the Silver-Fire’s own daughter! Niach, his apprentice, was a stubborn she-cat though after several battles of wills the two settled into a reluctant relationship. Though he wouldn’t tell Niach this, Asher had actually grown rather fond of the Pink-Fire and was reluctant to see the day that she would no longer be his apprentice.

When his days weren’t spent training and bickering with his apprentice Asher also found himself spending an increasingly large amount of time with the Pink-Orange-Fire he’d met moons back on his first day in Fire-Tribe, Arcis. The pair spoke nearly daily and where one was the other was not far behind. Their bond deepened even further after they hunted a fire boar together, each receiving lasting injuries from the encounter and a grand story to tell to others. Asher came to look at Arcis as a best friend and she replaced his brother and sister, both of whom he hadn’t talked to since their last meeting as young adolescents edging each other to go into the caiman’s territory. The grey tom felt a sort of affection for Arcis though, as he regarded the mates that resided in Fire-Tribe, he decided that the affection he felt towards Arcis was most certainly not that type of affection.

Shortly after he turned 15 moons old Asher met Ero, a Blue-Green-Water who had recently joined the Tribe, on a snowy night in early spring. The pair had a joy-filled night full of teasing and flirtatious remarks and the Blue-Green-Fire left his new Water-Tribe friend that night with more than a little bit of a crush and a hell of a lot more than a little bit of denial over the fact that he might possibly be gay.

Thankfully Asher didn’t have long to ponder of his sexuality as the final battle with the caimans was drawing near, meaning that the Tribes were a flurry of activity as armor was made, prey caught, traps made and much more. For his part Asher hunted as much prey as he could, trained Niach mercilessly and spent his free time speaking with Arcis on the topic of death and rebirth. It was during one of these conversations that Arcis’ two remaining littermates paid a visit to the golden-furred warrior. An argument between Asher and Arcis ensued with Asher making the bold proclamation that he loved Arcis, though not in a romantic way. He loved Arcis in a way that couldn’t be explained but he tried anyway. He tried to tell Arcis that he felt whole when he was with her, as though a part of his soul that he had previously been missing had been returned whenever he was within her presence. He loved her like a soulbond but whether that was enough for Arcis Asher didn’t know as the she-cat left with her siblings without another word to the distraught Blue-Green-Fire.

Asher wouldn’t get a chance to speak with Arcis until they were in Shadow-Tribe, protecting the kits. There the pair chatted briefly, their relationship still on rocky ground, before a caiman interrupted what was a poor reunion anyway. Together the pair fought it off though Asher sustained life-threatening injuries to the back of his neck. Due to these injuries the Blue-Green-Fire was out of the rest of the final battle and is now, with his tattoo turning a solid shade of green, marking him as an adult, on the path to recovery.




Asher is assumed heterosexual (likely that he is a closeted homosexual).

Looking For;

 Lasting Relationship

 Quick Fling


Current attraction(s); [Blue-Green-Water] Perseus







- Not being as good of a fighter as his father.

- Disappointing his parents.

- Loosing contact with his siblings.

- Being a social outcast.



Becoming a great warrior and making his parents proud.



-           Learning

-           Bird watching

-           Talking to older/experienced cats

-           Swimming

-           Intelligent cats



-           Boring or repetitive tasks.

-           Dull cats

-           Arrogance

-           Stupidity


FAVORITES | ( Prey / Season / Color / Time of Day / Place / Activity )


Prey | Owl or rabbit


Season | Summer


Color | Orange


Time of Day|  Sunset


Place |  Pheasant Woods


Activity | Learning



Ian Joseph Somerhalder




Asher has been said to smell like fire (imagine sitting around a campfire and then leaving - the smell that's left on your clothes) and mint (he has a habit of chewing on mint leaves).



- Asher is a huge nerd when it comes to bugs. As in he can give you a complete breakdown of its life cycle and everything.

- He can be rather social when he wants to be.

- Loves his brother and sister more than anything in the world.


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This guys is certainly a handsome kitty indeed.

The anatomy is spot on, despite the awkward positioning of the back left leg. The muzzle, paws and ears are well defined, and I simply love his beautiful little eyes. You got all the little details of the simple, feral cat. You've got the extra toes, the ear curve, and the definition between nones. Great structure and pose as well.

However, if you were going for complete realism on the design, males only have one color an white. But, don't get the wrong idea, as this design of character is very stunning and eye catching, as well as the blue hue of his eyes.

And, might U say, the writing is very fine and fancy, making for a very eye catching application, as well as a stunning character. Good job.
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i like the hairs on his chiny chin chin eue 
Timebleeder Jan 5, 2014  Student Writer
Kounix Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Timebleeder Jan 5, 2014  Student Writer
my bby isn't  bby no more
avalon-che Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
-shoves Kasai towards him- 
O hai.
Timebleeder Nov 25, 2013  Student Writer
avalon-che Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So…… RP sometime?
Timebleeder Nov 25, 2013  Student Writer
Sure ^^ I'm a bit swamped with rps at the moment but sometime in the future for sure :) 
avalon-che Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Zaabu Nov 24, 2013  Student Filmographer
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